Last updated 2019


We start with a basic pattern for beginners.  This set up bonnet will be used to start off knitting a sock. The set up bonnet is hung onto every other needle and used as a base to begin knitting with waste yarn before changing to sock yarn.


  1. Cast on all the cylinder needles using waste yarn.
  2. Knit several rounds of stocking stitch.
  3. Change to Main Yarn  (ideally a cotton or strong acrylic yarn).
  4. Knit 20 rounds.
  5. Transfer the stitch off every alternate needle to the needle on its right, leaving empty needles in work.
  6. Knit 20 more rounds.
  7. Carefully pick up the first row of main yarn knitting so there are 2 stitches on each needle.
  8. Knit 40 rounds to finish. Leaving a long end of yarn.
  9. Change to waste yarn and do several rounds.
  10. Take knitting off machine.
  11. Finish base of set up bonnet by drawing up the stitches into a point.
  12. Remove the waste yarn.

    The picot edge around the top of the bonnet is hung around the empty cylinder hooking it onto alternate needles.
    Turning the handle whilst pulling down on the bonnet will cast on all the needles ready for using the main yarn.