Last updated 2019


  1. Q. Can you get finer needles for the 120 needle cylinders?
    A. No They are no longer available

  2. Q. What size cylinder is best for modern yarns?
    A. Nowadays a 72/36 set up is best when using the modern 4 ply sock yarn

  3. Q. Will a machine knit double knitting yarn?
    A. No.

  4. Q. Is sock yarn machine washable?
    A. Yes, but do not tumble dry it.

  5. Q. What is the best oil to use?
    A. It must be a light thin oil.  A majority of people use gun oil.

  6. Q. Why do I keep dropping stitches when using the ribber?
    A. The timing could be 'out' or the yarn feeder could be at the wrong height.

  7. Q. How much weight do I need to hang on the machine?
    A. Enough so that the stitches on the needles do not 'ride up' and the stitches drop off