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About Machines


The Automatic Knitting Machine Company had factories in London, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Dublin.  They won lots of awards for the design of their knitting machine.  akmc ribber armThe machines were made of cast iroakmc tablen and brass. They also used a special compound

 cylinder which had a smaller diameter at the top which enabled the making of small socks for children. The AKMC table was similar to treadle sewing machine tables.

cooperativeThe Cooperative

This is a simple lightweight machine that does not have a ribbing attachment and at some point was imported to the UK from America in the early part of the 19th Century



The Golden Fleecegolden fleece 2

The Golden Fleece machine is a much lighter machine than the others. It's Cylinders and Ribber dials are the standard 4.5" diameter but it's cams work as 'flippers' and are not fixed in grooves like the ones in the heavier machines, making them less reliable.


The Griswold, Foster and Victoria

These machines are sturdy and were used for mass production socks of the time. griswoldThey were put on their own cast iron tables that could be bolted to the floor to make them more stable. The machines had several different cylinders which included the compound cylinder for childrens socks and cylinders that took up to 120 fine needles for making stockings in very fine yarns.


The Harrison



Large sturdy, very heavy machines made in Manchester UK and used in factories making all types of socks and stockings.
The cylinder sizes ranged from 60 needles for thick boot socks right up to 150 needles for very fine stockings.










The Higham higham

Very old large cumbersome machine made in 1870's in the UK. Unlike any of the other English machines. The design was gradually simplified as time went on and the machine became smaller and more compact.






The Imperia and Cymbal cymbal

These two machines were the most popular machines used by home workers to make socks for local companies. The payment for the socks was minimal and the money used to pay for the machine.